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Synopsis 故事大綱

The story unfolds with the famous Shakespeare prologue "All the world's a stage" performed by a New York Taiwanese dancer Xin Xin Chang, who confronts being replaced in a role, a marriage crisis, and finally got her visa rejected by the US . She is confirmed with COVID-19 after arrived in Taiwan and struggles against the virus in an isolation ward, fearing to die alone. While suffering, a series of dreams inspire her to reflect the meaning of this prologue: If the world is a stage with its beginning and end, isn't life meaningless either? Based on a true story.

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故事起源於在紐約工作的台灣舞者張心芯所演出的莎士比亞經典獨白「世界是個舞台」(All the World’s a Stage)。在2020年3月疫情爆發的時刻,心芯經歷被換角、婚姻離異以及簽證被拒後,回到台灣確診了新冠肺炎。在隔離病房與病毒纏鬥與孤獨死去的恐懼中,一連串的夢境體驗終於讓她瞭解莎士比亞這個獨白要傳達給世人真正的訊息是什麼:如果世界是一個有始、有終的舞台,那麼活著的意義到底是什麼?真實故事改編。

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